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Color Styles

A wedding style is something that every wedding has. I like to define a wedding style as something that describes a wedding’s look and feel. Often times a wedding style is an adjective- modern, elegant, vintage, rustic, etc. When you hear those words, you think of a certain aesthetic, right? We have created some styles below that we allow you that take all of the videography styles within the wedding industry and choose your favorite. This allows you to get the exact wedding film you want without the complexity of searching through tons of different vendors. A style is something that will define your whole video and let us know how you want it edited and such!

We offer a 72 Hour turnaround on all of your videos! When you sign within a week.



If you love that warm and romantic feel this style may be right for you. these colors will promote the warmth of your wedding. This style is best for fall and spring weddings and works very well with dark greens, maroons and navy blues. 


For all who love the light and airy feel of a white and bright wedding. this works best with weddings that are primarily white and work really well in the wintertime. 


Flora & Fauna

For those of you, that love the vibrant and colorful. If your flowers are a staple of your wedding, this look will make all your colors pop!


This style emphasizes the natural tones or your wedding. If you wedding is surrounded by mountains or tucked away in the forest, this style will display the best of those earth tones.



For a simple and classy feel, this style will emphasize the style and contrast of your wedding. The absence of color will allow you to focus on the exact emotions you were feeling on your wedding day. 


Let Us Decide

We understand that some of people don't really know what they want yet, and for that reason we are always open to building a style that fits exactly what you want. If you have no idea, don't worry, we can make a decision based on your person style.


Each of our wedding quotes starts at $2000 and include 7 hours of coverage, a 3 minute video, and one videographer. You can contact us below or browse through all of our package addons and build your perfect wedding package.

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