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Weddings are the culmination of two individuals' love. They represent a moment in time when two people forever bind themselves to one another. At a wedding, a large part of the day happens on the fly and it is essential to the skills necessary to think and react quickly to every changing moments.  We have one shot to capture and create the memories couples will back on for the rest of their lives. 

Our brand came into existence after the first wedding I filmed at 15 and I have devoted every ounce of my being into building a brand that people fall in love with. Even after filming many different events over the years my team and I still LOVE this job because we get to create a unique story for each of our couples. 

One of our goals is for you to feel like you are part of the Aerial Illustrations family after their wedding. We get to know our couples on a personal level and truly desire to know what is important to them! My team and I want you to have not only the wedding film of your dreams but also an experience that is unique and personal. 

My team and I live by one principle, “Give the client exactly what they want!” My team highly curates and crafts your wedding films based on your story we do this in several ways. We use your vows or love story to narrate and add depth to the film, we use a variety of music and speeches, and allow a specific color style to create a film that fits your style and tastes.  

My team and I are huge coffee fans and always encourage some sort of coffee meetings so we can get to know you too better before your wedding day! Even before signing the contract we would love to meet you and just chat about what you value as people and what your desires are in a wedding film! We are very excited to meet you and chat some more about the biggest day of your life!