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Our Aerial Illustrations family is committed to connecting with you on a very personal level. Our goal is to create a perfectly crafted wedding film that shows your love story in an artistic way. Many couples feel disconnected from the wedding film process so we allow you to choose the different aspects of your wedding film; everything from music and color schemes all the way to filming styles and editing theme. Traditionally when a couple is looking for a wedding videographer they are forced to compare the different option and styles of many different individuals, but with our company, you are able to pick from any style on the market. We don't force you to adapt to ”our artistic style,” we have learned how to embrace all the different styles used within the industry and create exactly what you want. 

Every wedding video company claims to be different and to some extent that is true, but they all basically do the same thing. Our team at Aerial Illustrations dissected hundreds and quite possibly thousands of video companies and compiled all the things that make them "different" and created a process that allows you to pick the exact style of wedding video you desire. From colors to song styles all the way down to the overall pace of the video; you can completely customize your video style. You no longer have to look through tons of different wedding video to find the perfect style. Aerial Illustrations is your one-stop-shop for all things wedding video. You might be thinking to yourself "this is all great, but I don't really know exactly what I want." That's okay! You can get in touch with one of our team members and we would love to explain how it all works and find that perfect style of video. For those of you that have absolutely no preference or like the element of surprise, we have an option for you too.

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